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The eyes are often called the windows to your soul, but they’re also essential tools to maintain your mobility and independence. The ability to see should be cherished and protected with regular eye exams and prompt treatments whenever issues arise. West Coast Eye Institute aims to forge a lifelong partnership with you to help you maintain perfect vision and optimal ocular health for a lifetime. Contact us to schedule an appointment with the best eye doctors, Bakersfield has to offer.

achieve 20/20 vision or better


LASIK is the ideal procedure for you if you’re sick of wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses. This procedure involves modifying the shape of your cornea to ensure it bends light correctly towards the retina, thus restoring optimal vision. LASIK is an extremely safe and popular surgical procedure with a nearly perfect success rate. It can help you achieve 20/20 vision, liberating you from a lifetime of glasses and contacts.


LASIK is Your Path to Sharper Vision



About West Coast Eye Institute

West Coast Eye Institute has been a part of the Bakersfield community for over 30 years, and we take our role in each of our patients’ lives seriously. We are the only ophthalmology practice in Bakersfield to own our own LASIK machine and use a 3D surgical display. Our cutting-edge technologies allow us to provide exceptional eye care with consistent results, with the best eye doctors in Bakersfield.


cataract surgery

Cataracts occur when protein formations accumulate in the lens of your eyes, leading to hazy or blurry vision. Cataract surgery involves removing cataracts and replacing the lens with artificial intraocular lens implants. Our ophthalmology practice uses femtosecond laser technology to ensure optimal precision with cataract surgery. We provide multifocal lens implants to restore perfect vision without myopia or hyperopia, so you can see all objects clearly, regardless of their distance from you.



glaucoma surgery

Glaucoma is a condition wherein fluid accumulation in your eyes leads to increased pressure, damaging the optic nerve. Thanks to recent advancements, glaucoma surgeries are more controllable and safer than ever. We perform minimally invasive glaucoma surgery to ensure safe results with a minimal recovery period. However, our surgeons will select the ideal surgical technique based on your unique condition and lifestyle.

Eye at exams with our eye doctor in Bakersfield

Perfecting Vision

general eye health

West Coast Eye Institute takes a proactive approach to eye health. Instead of waiting for eye problems to occur, our Bakersfield eye doctors actively seek them out at the earliest stages. Most eye conditions are chronic, i.e., they worsen with time. That’s why we use advanced diagnostic tools to identify and treat eye conditions at the earliest stage, helping you maintain optimal eye health. We also provide eyeglasses and contact lenses and address all other vision concerns.

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Pediatric eye care consists of regular (annual) eye examinations for children to identify and correct vision problems at the earliest stage possible. You should ideally start bringing your children in for pediatric eye exams at the age of five because that’s when they start reading and learning at school. Vision problems can make children struggle while focusing on their reading materials, and it can actively impede their academic development. We provide comprehensive pediatric eye care to identify vision problems at the earliest stage possible to ensure optimal correction and treatment.


why choose us

Maintaining perfect vision for a lifetime is entirely possible, but only if you’re proactive with your eye care. Our ophthalmology practice takes a proactive (rather than reactive) approach to eye care. We provide comprehensive annual eye exams to identify and diagnose potential eye conditions at their earliest stages to prevent them from compromising your health or vision. Our eye doctors in Bakersfield help you and your family maintain optimal eye health for a lifetime.

We also understand that no two eyes are alike. And no two people have the same expectations. That’s why we avoid cookie-cutter treatments in favor of personalized solutions. Our medical professionals carefully assess your eye health, run numerous diagnostic tests, discuss your goals and expectations, and review your medical history. After acquiring a comprehensive understanding of your needs, lifestyle, and expectations, we curate personalized treatment plans just for you.

The first time I went here I went in for a LASIK consultation. Julia explained everything and so did Dr. Sandeep. I would definitely recommend...

Carlos E.Posted 2021.

I have been very impressed with the high level of patient care and expertise in my visits. They have been very informative and thorough...

Leslie H.Posted 2021.

Great experience, all the staff are super nice, very experienced and professional and very helpful. Dr. Walia made me feel very comfortable...

Spencer M.Posted 2021.

I appreciated the knowledge of the staff. Everyone was very polite and helpful. I was very satisfied with their service...

Michelle J.Posted 2021.

I really appreciate the team of West Coast Eye Institute. They keep their appointments very timely and truly care about the health of your eyes...

Randy R.Posted 2021.

From the moment I arrived, I was greeted with hello and the staff were very helpful with the check-in process. I felt the staff and doctors were very informative...

Theresa A.Posted 2021.

enhanced Vision is in sight

West Coast Eye Institute is the leading ophthalmology practice in Bakersfield. Whether you’re concerned about the signs or symptoms of eye problems or simply want a routine eye exam, we encourage you to schedule an appointment. Our eye doctors in Bakersfield will run thorough tests to assess your eye health and curate a personalized treatment plan in Bakersfield, CA.


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