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Eye Safety on the Fourth of July

June 26, 2012 — by Keith Miller
Tags: Eye Protection Eye Safety

Keep the 4th of July a fun and safe holiday and avoid unexpected visits to the emergency room. More importantly, eye injuries caused by fireworks accidents can result in a loss of vision or permanent impairment. Certain safety precautions should be taken when fireworks are involved. Read More

Southwest Eye Care team returns from Guatemala

October 18, 2011 — by Keith Miller
Tags: Eye Protection

A team from Southwest Eye Care recently returned from a medical mission to Huehuetenango Guatemala. Thanks to the generous support of Dr Gregory A. Stainer they were able to care for over 300 patients. They treated many eye infections, glaucoma and a variety of other conditions. They also gave away nearly 270 pairs of glasses that were donated by the amazing patients of SWEC and the Oildale office. The people welcomed them with graciousness and warmth. Their experience also drives home the importance of proper eye protection to prevent and treat eye exposure. So many of the people in that area have long term exposure to wind, dust, and smoke. If you have dry eye it is very important to wear proper eye wear when outdoors to protect against excessive tear evaporation. Good coverage sunglasses goes a long way towards helping maintain good eye health. Read More

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