Restore Your Vision with Advanced IOLs

If cataracts cloud your vision, intraocular lenses (IOLs) implanted at our Bakersfield practice can restore your eyesight and improve your quality of life. If you also have other visual impairments, including astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness, IOLs can restore your ability to work, read, watch movies, and drive with little or no dependence on visual aids. In addition to using precise femtosecond equipment for laser cataract surgery, we offer a selection of advanced IOLs. Your ophthalmologist will discuss your treatment plan and explain replacement lens options during an appointment at our practice. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

What is an IOL?

An IOL is an artificial replacement for your eye's natural lens. IOLs are usually made of acrylic or silicone. They are most often used to replace a lens that has been affected by cataracts, but can sometimes be implanted to correct myopia, or nearsightedness. In addition to resolving cataracts, premium IOLs address problems with astigmatism, a defect that prevents the eye from properly focusing, and hyperopia, or farsightedness.

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Finding the Right IOL for You

There are three different types of IOLs. Your doctor can help you choose from:

Standard IOLs:

  • Can be used on their own or in conjunction with limbal relaxing incisions, which are performed during laser cataract surgery to correct mild astigmatism
  • Are mono-focal, meaning that they focus on one distance - usually far away - so you may need to use glasses to read and clearly see close objects, even if you did not wear glasses before surgery

Toric IOLs:

  • Are recommended for patients with severe astigmatism
  • Include some models that also filter blue or ultraviolet light to protect your eye

Multifocal IOLs:

  • Are the most versatile type of lens and can be used for patients who have nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism
  • Have several different focal points, meaning that you will be able to read fine print and see objects in the distance, lessening or even negating your need for glasses

At Southwest Eye Care and Laser, we prefer AcrySof® and TECNIS® brand multifocal IOLs. Both replacement lenses are acrylic and come in designs proven to improve eye function and last for years. AcrySof® and TECNIS® lenses are optimized to function during all times of day.

Laser Technology and IOLs Combine for a Premium Implant

With the use of femtosecond lasers, we can create a smooth, secure, exact circular capsulotomy, the incision into the ocular capsule that contains the lens. This will allow the ophthalmologist to place an IOL on an even surface, which ultimately reduces the potential for glare and halo effect. Using limbal relaxing incisions (which reshape the border of the cornea and the white of the eye), in combination with IOLs, allows us to treat a full spectrum of refraction errors. We can treat a wide variety of vision impairments to suit every patient's unique needs.

Affording IOLs

Each person's needs are different, so the cost of your IOL will depend on the severity of your cataracts and any other eye conditions you need to address. Our team can help you understand the cost of your IOL and create a treatment plan that fits your budget.

Learn More During a Consultation

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