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Droopy Lids

Keys Points:

  1. Droopy Lid and excess skin is often a genetic gift from mom or dad.
  2. Not all surgery is considered cosmetic so if your lids cause a functional limitation your insurance will often help with surgery.
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Your eyelids are a complex layered collection of skin, muscle, fat, and connective tissue.  And thanks to genetics and aging, this complex system can often relax over time and functionally limit your superior field of view.  A good rule of thumb, when you look into a mirror if the first thing you notice is your eyelid then it might be time to talk about options.  If this is something you want to know explore, encourage you sit down with our doctors.  The evaluation process requires: a baseline measure of impact of your lids on your visual field, photos, measurements.  Our team then sends these to your insurance for approval.