West Coast Eye Institute



Pediatric Ophthalmology

Keys Points:

  1. The visual system develops from birth to roughly age 13.
  2. At that point, the vision that your eye has developed is what is will keep.
  3. Squinting is often a tell-tale sign of a need for glasses.
  4. Pictures that you take are often helpful so you have some of any particular issue, bring it in.

At Southwest EyeCare and LASER, we love kids.  We understand that the pediatric eye has different set potential issues and medical concern than a patient in their 70s.  Our welcoming staff and outstanding provides tailor the kids to make sure your child gets the most out of their vision.  Dr. Walia was a part of the original clinical studies for the pediatric Handy Eye chart, as well as has extensive background in the application of modern technology in amblyopia therapy. 

And we take our commitment of pediatric vision care serious, as we know that not all kids get the eye care they need.  So we realized, if they can't come to us...we can go to them.  Our office is a proud partner with he Standard School District and we provide vision screening for all students.  Additionally, we coordinate clinic visit for any child with ocular pathology and last we provide glasses to kids that need them.  But we know we can do more, so if you have a suggestions let our staff know,