Correcting Myopia with Visian ICL

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is the most common vision problem and affects a growing number of patients every day. Vision impairment can limit your quality of life, which is why we offer advanced correction procedures to our patients. Southwest Eyecare & Laser in Bakersfield, CA, offers Visian ICL™ treatment, which can help improve your eyesight. This procedure can place Implantable Collamer® Lenses into your eye to improve your vision for lasting effects. Refractive surgeon Dr. Gregory A. Stainer has extensive experience and a passion for helping patients undergo this life-changing procedure. 

Visian ICL™What is Visian ICL? 

Visian ICL is a sophisticated vision correction treatment that can help improve nearsightedness. The implantable lens works with your natural eye similar to a traditional contact lens. 

How Does it Differ from LASIK and PRK? 

The most significant difference between Visian ICL and LASIK or PRK is the treatment method. While all three procedures rely on some form of laser eye surgery, LASIK and PRK use the laser to completely reshape your cornea by removing tissue. Visian ICL only uses a laser to make space for your implant lenses. These lenses are biocompatible, maintaining your eye's natural chemistry and providing a great solution for many patients. Other advantages of this treatment may include: 

  • A minimally invasive procedure 
  • Quick recovery 
  • Reversible treatment
  • Protection from UV rays 
  • Versatile myopia prescription correction 
  • Does not cause dry eye syndrome like some laser procedures

While all of our laser procedures are noted for their safety and can significantly improve your eyesight, some patients may not be suitable candidates for Visian ICL. 

Am I a Candidate?

Depending on your eye health and unique needs, you may be better suited for PRK or LASIK. Good candidates for Visian ICL may include patients who: 

  • Are between the ages of 21 and 45 years old 
  • Are not pregnant 
  • Have no history of eye disease
  • Have not undergone previous ophthalmic surgeries 
  • Suffer from myopia
  • Have no allergies to medications used during refractive surgery
  • Have a cornea that is too thin for LASIK 
  • Suffer from a dry eye condition 
  • Have sufficient anterior chamber depth 

Our team can conduct a full evaluation of your ocular health to determine which vision correction procedure is best for your needs.

Placing Your Implant

Dr. Stainer will perform your procedure in two parts. While patients generally only experience minor discomfort, we will provide a topical anesthetic and a mild sedative as needed. For your safety, you should arrange a ride to and from your appointments. Your first procedure will be to prepare your eyes for the implants and is generally about one to two weeks before the implants are placed. During your first treatment, Dr. Stainer will use a laser to make two very small openings to allow fluid to pass naturally through the eye. 

During your second appointment, Dr. Stainer will perform Visian ICL implantation. A micro-opening will be made so he can gently insert your customized implant between the iris and the eye's natural lens. Once complete, Dr. Stainer will provide you with eye protection in the form of either a patch or protective shield. This is a relatively quick outpatient procedure that generally takes about 20 to 30 minutes per eye. 


Immediately following your procedure, you may experience a slight burning sensation, light sensitivity, blurred vision, increased tear production, or temporary halos around lights. All of these symptoms are normal and should subside fairly quickly.

At Southwest Eyecare & Laser, we can provide you with the professional care you need through every step of treatment. Dr. Stainer is a highly trained eye surgeon who can safely perform your Visian ICL procedure.

The day after treatment, you will undergo a post-operative evaluation. ​You will also need to schedule several follow-up visits so that we can monitor your recovery over the next few months. If you have any questions or concerns following your treatment, our knowledgeable team can provide personalized assistance.

Your Trusted Eyecare Professionals 

At Southwest Eyecare & Laser, we can provide you with the professional care you need through every step of treatment. Dr. Stainer is a highly trained eye surgeon who can safely perform your Visian ICL procedure. If you are interested in taking the first step toward improved eyesight, please contact us online or call us at (661) 833-4040.

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