Glenn A. Kaprielian, O.D. – Bakersfield, CA


Our optometrist Glenn Kaprielian, O.D. enjoys helping patients improve their lives through better vision. Dr. Kaprielian is one of a few optometrists in California who are certified to treat glaucoma.

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DR. GLENN KAPRIELIAN: Hi. I’m Glenn Kaprielian. I’m an optometrist. I grew up here in the Central Valley in Fresno, attended school at the University of California at Berkeley, Optometry School, graduated in ’74. I’ve been working with Dr. Stainer now for the last 17 years. I do primary eye care, do eye examines, fit contact lenses, treat external disease of the eye, routine eye infections. I have an area of interest in contact lenses. I tend to be the one who people go to when they have difficult contact lens fittings; people who have eye problems or eye diseases that require a contact lens to manage their condition like keratoconus or scarred or distorted corneas. I’m also one of the few optometrists in California who are certified to treat glaucoma. It’s been a pleasure to work with Dr. Stainer. He’s an excellent surgeon. It makes my life a lot simpler to have really good people working with me like Dr. Stainer, Mike Raney and his optical staff is great. They make my life very easy there also and we’ve got a great supporting staff as well. The most satisfying part of my job is helping people to see better, provide good vision care. It’s amazing to watch people change, particularly when you fit someone with a contact lens who’s had to wear very thick glasses for a very long time; it’s amazing how their personalities change. They’re almost like a whole new person. They tend to blossom and really open up. Well, we try to create almost a wow experience for patients when they walk in. I mean the most important person in the office at any one given moment is that person working with that particular patient. So from the front desk when they’re first greeted when they come in, to the medical assistants who work the patient up and get them ready for the doctor to see them, when I or Dr. Stainer or any of the other optometrists in the office see a patient, we do the best we can to make that a really excellent experience for that particular individual and our optical staff is excellent. I think we’ve got the best optical staff here in town. Mike and his staff do a great job as far as helping people choose glasses and match it to their lifestyle and their needs, so we try to make it just a really pleasant experience for every patient we see.

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