Cataract Surgery: IOLs


Intraocular lenses, or IOL's, can change patients' lives by restoring cataract sufferers' vision. The new intraocular lens implant make

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DR. GREGORY STAINER: Cataract surgery has changed remarkably over the last several years. We now have new intraocular lenses where we can correct astigmatism and multifocal lenses where we can provide cataract patients with both distance, near, and intermediate vision. They can drive to supermarkets and don’t have to put have to put glasses on to write checks or read prices and it has added a whole new dimension and actually changed their life very significantly. The new intraocular lens implants are very easy to put in and we do this surgery through just a 2.2 millimeter incision now so that the visual recovery is very quick. It’s just very rewarding to take patients from seeing the big E in the office to, again, driving and functioning in their home in about three to four hours.

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