BOTOX® Cosmetic


BOTOX® Cosmetic can transform patients' faces by eliminating facial lines and tension.

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DR. GREGORY STAINER: BOTOX is a chemically engineered protein that weakens the muscles of the face. We use the BOTOX to weaken specific muscles that are responsible for, kind of, the dynamic wrinkles in the forehead and the glabellar area. It lasts usually three to four months and takes affect very quickly in about two or three days and has absolutely no side affects. I think BOTOX has become one of the drugs of the centuries. I think it’s a drug that with just a few minimal incisions that you can make a major transition in terms of one’s appearance. We inject BOTOX in just a few small areas around the forehead and around the glabellar area and around the eyes, and we can actually release a lot of the tension on those muscles so that many of the patients that we do will actually experience less tension or migraine headaches as well as an improved cosmetic appearance.

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