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Cataract surgery has greatly enhanced Brooke's vision, enabling her to see colors much more vividly.

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BROOKE: My name is Brooke. I recently had cataract surgery on my right eye and will soon be having cataract surgery as well on my left eye. I have worn contact lenses and glasses for many years, and at some point, it felt as if there was a smudge on my contact lens that I couldn’t see through. When I took my contacts out and wore my glasses, the smudge remained, and so I had a feeling it was something like a cataract in my eye. So I came to Dr. Stainer, who I’ve seen for years and we scheduled cataract surgery and it’s been the best thing ever. I have a bionic eye now. I can see for days and I’m very much looking forward to having the other eye done. My experience in Dr. Stainer’s office has always been one of friendship. People around here are just very friendly, they know you by your first name and I don’t understand that because I don’t see them very often. He makes you feel like an angel, like your surgery is the only one that is taking place and I know he’s done thousands, I’m sure. But I remember seeing him in postop, you know, after I was there, vaguely, because I was still, kind of, under anesthesia, but prior to the surgery I remember going under the anesthesia. I think it took seconds, but I remember him rubbing my shoulder and holding my hand and making me feel at ease. I just knew that it was going to turn out right and in fact it did. What I didn’t realize was the color difference when you see. I didn’t realize that the smudge on my actual lens had yellowed my vision. So when I cover my now good eye, the things that I see through my left eye are now somewhat, like, yellowed, and through my right eye, I had no idea white was so white and that blues are so blue. I had no idea. In fact, not only is Dr. Stainer a great doctor and surgeon, but everybody who works for him just adores him as a human being and has such faith in his surgical techniques and they’re just so proud to be in this office. I would recommend Dr. Stainer and Southwest Eye Care because of the people who work here, because of their dedication to excellence. It’s actually, probably, an aggressive pursuit of excellence. He is a very fine surgeon, he is renowned for doing cataract surgery and I felt perfectly safe in having him do this.

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