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Daily wear contacts allow Janette the freedom to do the things she loves.

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JANETTE: I’m Janette. I’m a patient here at Southwest Eye Care. I’ve been a patient here for about three years. The reason I’m speaking is because I’ve had difficulty in the past with other doctors being fitted with contact lenses and I really didn’t want to wear glasses, so I decided to come here. I was referred over by a friend "referred here" and saw the doctors here. They suggested I try the Acuvue Daily Wear, try those, and I’ve been wearing them ever since. I love them. I put them in the morning before I go to work. After work, I’m active, you know, I run, I ride bikes, you know, I play with the children, you know, whatever, and take them out at night, no problem, dispose of them. The next day, I just put in a whole new lens. The staff here is very friendly, from the front desk, I mean, everybody is very knowledgeable. It seems like if you go over to the glasses section, you know, the optical department, everybody there is very knowledgeable in other areas of the office, contact lenses, I mean, I can go over to the other section. If the doctor can’t see me, they’ll ask a quick question and they’ll, oh yeah, you know, you want to try this and this and this, you know. Yeah, everybody here is really great. I would recommend this office because, I mean, from the minute you walk in the front door, to the opticians, to the optometrist, to the ophthalmologist, I mean, Dr. Stainer. I have not had surgery. I don’t need to just yet, but from everything I hear about Dr. Stainer and his staff, the whole office, just wonderful things. I have not heard one negative word about the office.

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