Jennifer - Implantable Contacts


With implantable contacts, Jennifer can now see clearly without having to rely on removable contacts.

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JENNIFER: My name is Jennifer and I had implantable contact lens surgery approximately 10 months ago, and I would have to say it’s changed my life because it’s given me a freedom that for the past almost 20 years I haven’t had. I can see when I get up in the morning. I can read the alarm clock. I can put makeup on without having to worry about it getting underneath my contact and irritating my eye and having red eyes and itchiness, and I can fall asleep on the couch watching a movie and not having to worry about waking up and having my contact lenses stuck to my eyes. I have worked with Dr. Stainer for a few years now as a registered nurse in a surgery center, and it’s also helped me as far as work goes because I’m not having to worry about whether or not my contact lenses are going to get irritated and interrupt me during a case, and whether or not they’re itchy and scratchy. It’s been really good as far as being able to work and the freedom there. Also having the knowledge of how the surgery was going to be and the comfortable nature of Dr. Stainer and how caring he is with his patients. He just made the procedure so comfortable and easy. It was a very quick surgery and two hours after the surgery, someone who never saw the big E on the chart before was corrected better then I’ve ever been in my life. I can now see the big E, not to mention all the little letters at the bottom of the chart. I would recommend Dr. Stainer for any type of eye procedure because of his knowledge and expertise and surgical technique that I have been witness to and also been a patient of and also for his care and compassion of his patients.

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