Kyle - LASIK


After seeing what LASIK did for his wife, Kyle decided to undergo the procedure himself.

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KYLE: My name is Kyle and I had LASIK in March. My wife had had it a year earlier and I watched her have it. I actually got to sit in with the doctor, Dr. Stainer, and his crew in there and they did a great job, and watching how professional they were and then seeing the difference it made in her, made the decision for me to have it done. I had been wearing glasses since fifth grade and I just turned 50 last November. I hate to admit it, but it’s been a great life-changing experience and I’ve really, really benefited from it. It’s been great. Of course, I had glasses all the time, you know, it rains, it’s dusty, you’re always cleaning them, where did I set them? I have a couple different pair. Cold days, they fog up. Then as my eyes changed, I needed graduated lenses and now I find not only is my vision at a distance nearly perfect, but I can read if the light is right without any kind of aid and even a lot of people require reading glasses. It’s not always necessary for me, so I’ve had a great experience. The doctors were extremely friendly. The whole staff, I mean, and the whole group, they treat you like family and it was just an excellent experience. They put you at ease, especially on the day of the surgery. It’s just very low-key and very professional and they do a great job. I had mine on a Friday afternoon and it was real smooth, went home. Well when the eye drops and that wear off, you have some pain until about midnight that night. It was a little blurry and you have to wear these goggles, and boy, after midnight it just went away, the pain left. The next morning I woke up, and I could see the TV screen in the morning and read the digital clock that morning. It was amazing and then just every day it got a little steadier, a little clearer, and it’s been great. I would recommend Dr. Stainer because of both his personality, his professionalism. His staff is great to work with. I had a fantastic experience and so did my wife. I think it’s a life-changing deal. I think anybody who could get it done, should.

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