Rosemary - Implantable Contacts


Rosemary wasn't a candidate for LASIK, so she improved her vision with implantable contact lenses.

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ROSEMARY: Hi. My name is Rosemary. I had implantable contact lenses put in last fall because I was extremely nearsighted. I have been wearing glasses and/or contacts since I was 9 and I was not a candidate for LASIK surgery. They have been fabulous. They have changed my life. I can get up in the middle of the night and not be groping around or playing the blind person looking for things. I still have a family at home with children, so it makes it a lot easier to be able to deal with things. Just getting up and functioning, starting my day without having to stop and, you know, find glasses or put in my contacts. Traveling has been wonderful. The staff was very helpful. They explained every step of the procedure. They followed me through the preparation for the surgery, explained everything that was going to happen to me, followed-up the day of the surgery, after the surgery, all the follow-up visits. They were very helpful, friendly, and it went very smoothly, very little down time at all. The best thing about having had the implantable contact lenses is the freedom. The freedom of not having to be looking for my glasses, making sure they’re packed if I’m traveling, remembering to buy contact lens solution because there is only three drops left or losing a contact lens or having it tear in the middle of a workday and struggling with that, just the freedom of everyday life. I would recommend Dr. Stainer because of his professional standards that he has in his office, the way he conducts himself not only during the surgery, but before and after. His office staff is very helpful. They’ll answer any question you have before and after the procedure. If you aren’t a candidate for one of his procedures, he’ll tell you and he’ll offer another one if you’re a candidate for that.

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