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Dr. Gregory Stainer is the owner of Southwest Eye Care and Laser who has completed more LASIK treatments than any other ophthalmologist in Bakersfield. Dr. Stainer attended Northwestern University for medical school before attending the University of Wisconsin to complete his ophthalmology licensing. Dr. Stainer is passionate about LASIK surgery and corneal transplants, and he enjoys seeing his patients' reactions once they have undergone life-changing surgery.

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My name is Gregory Stainer; I'm an ophthalmologist and owner of Southwest Eye Care and Laser. Ever since I can remember, I've wanted to become a doctor. I went to Northwestern to complete my medical school degree, and then University of Wisconsin to complete my ophthalmology residency. I came out to California and became a Fellow in cornea at UCSD, down in San Diego, and then came up to Bakersfield to establish an eye bank and perform corneal transplants. The most satisfying aspect of my work is when I take that patch off after I've operated on someone and they say wow. People don't realize how much vision they've lost until sometimes they have surgery. I'm able to remove that patch and all of the sudden they can see not only in better visual acuity, but to see color, brightness, and a wider range of peripheral visual field. I have 4 children. I have 2 software programmers. I have a person, my daughter, who is in general sales, and my son now is completing his CPA exams. My two personal interests are running and scuba diving. I've been able to complete 7 marathons including Los Angeles, San Diego, and Chicago. I've also been able to complete numerous half marathons. As far as scuba diving, I've been very fortunate to scuba dive several of the islands in the Caribbean and photograph sharks, turtles, and other interesting fish. I've enjoyed good vision all my life, and photography has made me realize how much there is to see. I'm happy I'm in a position to be able to restore good quality of vision to people and improve their lifestyle.

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