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Dr. Keith C. Miller is an optometrist and the Director of Refractive Surgery Services with Southwest Eye Care and Laser in Bakersfield. Dr. Miller moved to California in 2010 with his wife and four children after working as an optometrist in private practice. He enjoys changing his patients lives and providing the utmost quality of care to each and every patient.

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Hi. My name is Keith Miller; I'm an optometrist here at Southwest Eye Care and Laser. I've been with the practice since 2010. My main roles here are that of clinical optometrist. I am the director of refractory surgery services, and I'm also the practice manager. I moved here from Colorado in 2010. I grew up there and really enjoyed the outdoors. I spent a lot of time hiking, cycling, skiing, things of that nature. I moved here with my wife and 4 children. Since being here in Bakersfield, we really enjoy the community; we enjoy California and all the things that it has to offer. We particularly enjoy beaches as well as some of the theme parks and other attractions that California has. As I mentioned, I have 4 children, been married for over 20 years, and enjoy being a father and a husband to them. I performed my undergraduate studies at the University of Colorado. After graduating, I went on to earn my Doctor of Optometry degree at the Northeastern State University College of Optometry. After graduating in 2002, I went into private practice and eventually was a partner in a LASIK practice in Denver. It was refractory surgery practice solely focusing on LASIK and other eye-correcting procedures. I left there in 2010 after deciding to move to Bakersfield and join Southwest Eye Care and Laser. I'm often asked why I chose to be an optometrist, and I can really trace it back to when I was a young boy, 8-years old, having my first eye exam with my local eye doctor. I can remember how impressed I was with what he did and how his services changed my life. What attracted me to Southwest Eye Care and Laser, when I decided to join this practice, was the strong emphasis on quality of care. The doctors here, from Dr. Stainer to the other optometrists, are very highly trained, really practicing optometry and ophthalmology at the highest level possible. This practice really does a great job of staying up-to-date, investing in the most current technology. Finally, the other I really like about Southwest Eye Care and what attracted me to this practice was the customer service, and really, the comfortable feeling that you have when you walk in the door. We as a staff are very appreciative that you're. We treat you like family. We want you to feel as if you are our own brother or sister. Probably the thing that I would like current and future patients to know about me and maybe why they would choose to come to me as their eye care provider is that I do truly care about who they are, their needs, and I want to really apply my education, my experience, to give you the best possible level care, and finally the best possible level of vision and eye health. That's going to keep you happy, keep your eyes happy, and allow you to all the things you'd like to do.

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