Dr. Janae L. Vance

Glaucoma Treatment Bakersfield


Dr. Janae L. Vance is an optometrist with Southwest Eye Care and Laser. Dr. Vance recently became certified in glaucoma treatment in addition to add to her other optometry interests. She became interested in optometry as a child and today continues to enjoy working with children at our practice.

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My name is Janae Vance; I am an optometrist here at Southwest Eye Care & Laser. I joined the practice in 2012. I am a Kern County native. I was born and raised in Wasco, and graduated from Wasco High in 1998. I am married and have 2 beautiful boys. I enjoy playing music; I play the piano, and my husband is also a musician and plays the guitar. We enjoy playing together at our church. We are very active in our church. We also enjoy being outside with our boys. You may see me at a park or at the library here in town at story time. I got my Pre-Med degree from Fresno Pacific University, and then I went to Southern California College of Optometry for my Doctorate Optometry degree. I have recently become glaucoma-certified. Glaucoma certification allows me to prescribe medications for people who are diagnosed with glaucoma or high eye pressure. I chose this profession because of my own background. I grew up very nearsighted; I got my first pair of glasses when I was 5 and my first pair of contacts when I was 10. Going to the optometrist every year was a positive experience, and I was very interested in doing that with my life. One area I am particularly interested in is provided eye care for children. Whether it be their first exam or their yearly follow-up, I want to make it an interesting and fun experience for them.

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