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Michael Raney is the managing optician at Southwest Eye Care and Laser. Dr. Raney obtained a degree in ophthalmic optics and is certified to fit and prescribe glasses to patients. He focuses on his patients' needs and goals when receiving glasses.

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I'm Michael Raney; I am the managing optician here. I came here a good 20 years ago when Dr. Stainer, Dr. Kaprielian, and I decided to combine the three strong Os of eye care together and get this practice started. This has been an enjoyable process. We really love working with our patients everyday and getting to know them. Outside the office, I'm very involved in the community in many different things. Many people may see me involved as a musician. I play principle trumpet in the Bakersfield Symphony, and play in many other dance bands and jazz bands all around Bakersfield. I'm one of the few who have actually gone through a college program; I have a degree in ophthalmic optics. I had brought that out in 1977, and immediately started in Bakersfield. We started, in fact, our own local chapter of the California Society of Ophthalmic Dispensers. I was the president and I even became the State Education Chairman for the organization. I am certified by the American Board of Opticianry and fellow of the National Academy of Opticianry. Like some many people, as a young teenager, I found I was lacking in my vision somewhat and simply needed a pair of glasses. I did meet another optician who took a liking to me and really recommended I explore this field. It just struck with me and I pursued it, and have been glad ever since. One of the most satisfying parts of fitting glasses, sometimes the simple case of having a young person come in whose never had glasses before, didn't even realize what they were missing in life. As we go through that process and try to finally come down to putting their actual glasses on, to watch their eyes light up as they look outside and through those lenses, and all of the sudden see the leaves on the tree with such detail that they've never seen before. All around them, they just turn and look. It's an amazing thing to behold and watch the joy on their faces as they start to use their glasses for the first time. Most important thing I'd like people to know is that we really do care about them. We want to get to know them. find out what their needs are. I like to go home at the end of the night knowing I did that I've done the best job possible and fitting the best glasses they've ever had.

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