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Patients can come to Southwest Eye Care and Laser for a free LASIK consultation with Dr. Miller. During this hour-long consultation, Dr. Miller will evaluate each patient's eye health, full-body health, current optic prescription, and expectations in addition to using Pentacam technology to evaluate the cornea. Dr. Miller discusses the full spectrum of LASIK surgery as well as cost, results, and more.

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When a person comes to us and they're interested in LASIK surgery, there are several factors that we look at in consideration to make sure that they'd be a good candidate for the surgery. These things include eye health, systemic or whole-body health, as well as their prescription, and really, what their expectations are. What do they want out of the surgery? Can we meet those expectations realistically? Anyone who's interested in having LASIK should contact our office to schedule one of our consultations. These consultations last about an hour and they consist primarily of taking a thorough history of you and your eyes, knowing what possible eye conditions you might have based on your history. We also perform a specialized test which is called a pentacam. The pentacam measures your cornea, which is the front part of the eye, which is where we will treat your eyes with LASIK. It gathers about 25,000 points of data to give us a very high-resolution detailed image of your cornea. This allows us to rule out any underlying which might exclude you from candidacy for surgery for this. Once we do that, then you'll spend time with the doctor. I do most of the LASIK consultations here at Southwest Eye Care. I'll spend time talking with you about your prescription, about your eyes, the technology; let you know about Dr. Stanier and his lengthy experience with LASIK surgery, and what you can expect to achieve and what results you can have from having a surgery like this. During your 1-hour LASIK consultation, in addition to thoroughly looking at your eyes, talking about what we can or can't do for you, we also discuss how long will LASIK last for you. We do discuss that for most people, this does last for a very long time. Not everybody; there are occasionally people who after a number of years will require a little bit of a touchup. I had LASIK 12 years ago, and still I'm seeing 20/20 and I'm doing wonderfully. We also discuss your financial options. We'll talk about the cost of LASIK, how you can pay for it. Options such as flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts; they can be used for LASIK and we can explain those procedures for you. We have financing. We take most forms of payment. We'll do a real thorough job of talking to you about all of your financial options and trying to clearing any barriers you might have to having surgery. Most people who are interested in LASIK surgery have two main obstacles; one is fear. We are doing surgery on your eyes. While it is quite easy and very quick and painless, it is surgery and there is a certain amount of fear that goes into this procedure. Part of what we do in our consultation is we explain the process to you, we demonstrate the technology and how the technology has made LASIK safer and better than ever. By doing this, most people really say that they feel comfortable and at ease with going into the surgical procedure. The other obstacle is cost. It's certainly a little more expensive than glasses and contacts. The return on that investment is very high; the quality of life that a person gets from having a surgery like this is profound. We go over financial options. We discuss all the different ways that you can pay for this to make it possible to for you to have this life-changing procedure.

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