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Intralase LASIK Bakersfield


Southwest Eye Care and Laser is at the forefront of eye care technology in Bakersfield. In addition to lasers used for skin treatments and diabetic retinopathy, our doctors use the Intralase laser and Allegretto Wave laser during LASIK surgery. Intralase LASIK, sometimes called iLASIK, involves the creation of a corneal flap with the Intralase as well as corneal manipulation with the Allegretto Wave. Lasers offer more accuracy and shorter downtime than LASIK with hand-held tools.

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Here at Southwest Eye Care and Laser, we take pride in bringing the newest and greatest technology to Bakersfield, being in the forefront of technology, and providing the best level of technological care possible. Laser treatment now today is less invasive than any surgery and is an alternative to different medications that people have used over the years. At Southwest Eye Care, we use the Matrix Laser for correction of acne rosacea and also facial rejuvenation. At the surgery center, we employ the InterLase to make the corneal flap for LASIK and the Allegretto Laser for optical correction. We use a Zeiss laser for treatment of diabetic retinopathy and hypertensive disease. LASIK is a 2-step process. The first step is creating the corneal flap which is when we use the InterLase. The second step, though, is the correction of your actual prescription. Fort this step, we use an Eximer Laser. The Eximer Laser we use here at Southwest Eye Care is called the Allegretto. The Allegretto treats the eye in a very unique way to try to maintain the very natural shape of the eye. By maintaining this natural shape after correcting your prescription, it leads to better quality of vision, better nighttime vision, and a much higher percentage of 20/20, and even 20/15 vision in some cases. One of the features of the Allegretto Laser is it is what is called a Wayfront optimized laser. What Wayfront optimization means to you is that unlike an older laser where the treatment on the eye is based primarily on your glasses prescription, the Wayfront optimized laser is tailored, it's customized to you specifically. Certain unique characteristics of your eyes are entered into the laser, and these unique characteristics are taken into account when the laser is programmed and when it treats your eye. This is one of the reasons why the Allegretto has such great results, and particularly great results with very high levels of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and even now we can treat very high levels of astigmatism. This technology is also very fast. This procedure has cut treatment times down significantly from older-generation technology lasers, which makes the procedure much easier to go through because your time of actually having treatment is greatly reduced. If you've decided that LASIK is something you're interested in, call our office, schedule a 1-hour free consultation. We'll do all our tests that are need to make sure you're a good candidate, talk about your options, and take the next step towards getting this life-changing procedure done for you.

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