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The optometrists at Southwest Eye Care and Laser keep abreast of developments in optometry technology. By using innovative equipment, our doctors can gather new information and create more precise, customized eye care plan following each patient's eye exam. Technology also allows our doctors to make more customized prescriptions for eyeglasses and contacts.

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Emily: In optometry today, in eye care, there are constantly new innovations and advances coming out that it's very important as a professional to stay in touch with these new innovations and be able to provide these services in our practices. One of my goals in practice is to maintain on the cutting edge of technology and to make use of the innovations that are available to us today to continue to provide high-level, efficient, effective, and safe, eye care. Male: We also perform a specialized test which is called a Pentacam. The Pentacam measures your cornea, which is the front part of the eye, which is where we will treat your eyes with LASIK. It gathers about 25,000 points of data to give us a very high- resolution, detailed image of your cornea. Ophthalmology is the most is the most innovative specialty in Medicine. It allows us to incorporate physics and mathematics into actual patient care. We have lasers that can improve the eye and the skin, lasers that we can correct vision with, and also lasers that we can actual treat the retina for such conditions as diabetes and macular degeneration. Emily: This new technology allows us to prescribe better glasses, better contact lenses, to have safer and more effective outcomes for procedures, and to allow you to enjoy your vision correction that much better. If you'd like to make an appointment, we would love to see you. Please give us a call.

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