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At Southwest Eye Care and Laser, our optometrists work closely with each patient to find out what unique needs her or she has regarding vision correction. We offer specialty lenses and contact lenses like progressive lenses, desk lenses, sports lenses, as well as monovision and bifocal specialty contact lenses. The key to finding an optical solution for each patient is in-depth discussion and evaluation of each patient's unique needs.

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Male: Lifestyle dispensing is something we incorporate here in order to try to achieve the best eyewear that a patient can have. Understand that we all have different lifestyles, as the name indicates, and we may take on different hobbies, different sports, different jobs, and they all have different visual needs. We try to find out what those needs are, what your lifestyle is all about, what problems have you had with your eyewear, with your glasses, and just with your eyes in general. From that, we can really help design a better pair of glasses, something that's going to incorporate the needs of a musician who has a certain range for their music, a computer-user who is up-and-down looking, reading technical manuals, to someone out playing tennis and any other sports. There are different glasses, different lifestyles that we try to incorporate into our eyewear. Female: People that would benefit from progressive the most are those that have visual demands both in the distance and up close; this could include professions like nurses or teachers. Computer- users may benefit both from progressive lenses or desk glasses. Desk glasses provide clearer vision at the distance of the computer screen. Other types of non-surgical correction we do offer are specialty types of contact lenses; this includes mono- vision and bifocal contacts. Male: The key thing is interviewing the patient. We try to really spend a little bit of time, get to know them personally. It's nice, almost, they become our friends. In doing so, we do find out what their hobbies are, what their needs and struggles are. The patient benefits from utilizing lifestyle dispensing because simply, the eye wear that they do end up with is more focused on that task. It's hard to depend on one pair that's going to try to do everything. We all have that general-wear pair, but to find out they do have particular needs and then addressing that, makes their day-to-day life so much easier. It's not just sharp vision; it's comfortable vision many times. That's a key criteria in getting a good usable pair of glasses for your different needs. We touch base on different glasses such as computer glasses; certainly that's a large part of our lifestyles now. Many people, it's not just computers, but your Smartphone and the different needs that has; and that's often very small print and yet you have to refer to that and pick up details quickly. Again, there are certain types of lenses that can address that. Going on into sports; there are certain activities such as . . . I play tennis and I find it so helpful to have glasses that have a good anti-reflective coating that allows me to pick up the spin of the ball. The second my opponent goes to serve that; I can react quicker in that microsecond just because I can see those details better. That same thing follows for so many sports from baseball, football. We have young kids come in who are going out for their high school football team and they really need that correction. There are certain types of goggles that will fit under that helmet. That's the kind of thing we take the time to try to find out what their needs are and how we can help them.

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