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Patient Joe Hamilton is one of Dr. Miller's patients who appreciates the customized care he receives at Southwest Eye Care and Laser in Bakersfield. Joe and his family come to Southwest Eye Care and Laser to ensure that their overall health is considered in addition to their eye health. Joe strongly recommends Dr. Miller and rates his service at our center as a 10 out of 10.

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I first heard about Southwest Eye Care about 6 months ago, and I heard that they had good eye healthcare providers. They had a good reputation so that I knew I could get my lenses prescription upgraded and get them in the frames of my choice. My experience here has been very positive in that I feel like the staff is very efficient and very friendly. I get roomed fast, my history is taken quickly, and I get to see the provider right away without too much of my time taken. I've never felt like I'm on an assembly line at Southwest Eye Care. I always feel like I'm one of their favorite patients. My primary care provider for my eye health is Dr. Keith Miller. I'd rate him 10 of 10, he does a good job. I know as a medical professional myself that eye health is important. I feel like I get a good history taken, that's pertinent, and an exam that's complete. I feel like Dr. Miller was looking at my eyes from a standpoint of a well-trained provider in that particular specialty, but also considering my overall systemic health, as well. To me that's very important. I would absolutely recommend Southwest Eye Care and Dr. Miller, as well as his staff, to others, because I'm certain that they would get good care for their eyes and that their overall health would be assessed, as well. I bring my family to Southwest Eye Care because I'm concerned, obviously, for their health, as well. I bring my 15-year-old; he's been in glasses since he was 2-years-old. It's very important that he get good care, and that's why I bring him here. My wife comes here. Our youngest is 11, and he'll have his first eye care appointment here, as well.

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