Katy - LASIK Patient

Blade-free LASIK Bakersfield


Katy received LASIK from Dr. Stainer at Southwest Eye Care and Laser. Katy was recommended by her mother to have blade-free LASIK, which she is completely satisfied with. She appreciates Dr. Stainer's professionalism and the custom care she received.

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I had the LASIK surgery done, and Dr. Stainer did it. I was very, very happy with it. He made me feel very comfortable. He was very qualified and very professional. My mom had the procedure done a couple years back, and even she has just enjoyed it so much. Even just watching her and just how happy she is with her eyesight made me really eager to do it when I became old enough. I am more than happy with the results. The best way I can describe it is when I was going to the grocery store with my mom a couple days after, and I was able to read the street signs from much farther back than I'd ever been able to. That just . . . just that feeling of being liberated and excited with my new eyesight, and being able to wake up and see without having to put on glasses. That just really, really opened up my eyes to, literally, what the world could be with perfect eyesight. I would give the staff an A+ for sure. They're so knowledgeable and so professional, and they just made you feel right at home, even in a very strange and new environment. It was really, really reassuring; they held my hand, they explained everything that was happening and how long it would take. They just talked me through the whole thing, and it made it a lot easier than I expected it to be. Dr. Stainer is one the nicest men. He, again, was very comforting and really, really understanding of me being nervous and everything like that. It was just a really rewarding experience, even though I was very nervous going into it. Being a student athlete, it's amazing not having to wear contacts or glasses when I'm playing sports, and just the big difference it makes in my overall quality of life. I would happily recommend Southwest Eye Care, Dr. Stainer, and the LASIK surgery to anyone that wants to be liberated from their poor vision.

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