Linda - Eyelid Surgery Patient

Blepharoplasty Bakersfield


Linda came to Southwest Eye Care and Laser in Bakersfield for a blepharoplasty treatment. Dr. Stainer lifted Linda's eyelids, which gave her a broader scope of vision and had little recovery time. Linda appreciates Dr. Stainer's patient care and the extra time he took to explain the specifics of her eyelid surgery.

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I came to Southwest Eye Care because my eyesight's really important to me. I wanted to get my eyelids lifted because I had hooded eyes which was blocking my peripheral vision. I had asked around to a lot of people; everyone was saying that Dr. Stainer, he was the best at what he did, so I came in for a consultation. He was very knowledgeable, and he educated me on what he needed to do to lift my eyelids. The procedure was great; it hardly hurt at all afterwards. I was really surprised. I didn't have much bruising or swelling, at all. Dr. Stainer was wonderful; great bedside manner. He was very good about educating his patients on the procedure step-by-step, and I had a lot of faith in him.

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