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1000 Facebook "likes"

February 28, 2012 — by Keith Miller

In January we surpassed 1000 Facebook "likes" on our Southwest Eye Care and Laser Facebook page. Read More

Whether you are short on money this month and need to replace those broken eyeglasses, want Botox or Juvederm but spent all of your money buying Christmas presents, or you want to experience the freedom of Lasik  eye surgery; we have financing options that will help ease the burden on your pocketbook. We offer interest free medical financing for qualified individuals that can be used to purchase eye care services and materials. You will have 6 - 24 monthly payments depending on the amount financed. In addition, no money is required at the time of purchase or service. Terms and conditions apply. If you have eye care needs or want to spoil yourself with our cosmetic services or refractive eye surgery, now is the time. Call us at 661.833.4040 for more information. Read More

Changes are coming to health care laws that will limit the amount you can contribute to your Flexible Spending Account (FSA). Currently most employers allow you to put up to $5000 in a pre-tax FSA which provides significant savings on high dollar health care costs such as Lasik. However, beginning in 2013 you will be limited to $2500. If you are planning on having Lasik and have an FSA account through your employer take advantage of it now! See the following article in Forbes magazine:  Read More

Southwest Eye Care team returns from Guatemala

October 18, 2011 — by Keith Miller
Tags: Eye Protection

A team from Southwest Eye Care recently returned from a medical mission to Huehuetenango Guatemala. Thanks to the generous support of Dr Gregory A. Stainer they were able to care for over 300 patients. They treated many eye infections, glaucoma and a variety of other conditions. They also gave away nearly 270 pairs of glasses that were donated by the amazing patients of SWEC and the Oildale office. The people welcomed them with graciousness and warmth. Their experience also drives home the importance of proper eye protection to prevent and treat eye exposure. So many of the people in that area have long term exposure to wind, dust, and smoke. If you have dry eye it is very important to wear proper eye wear when outdoors to protect against excessive tear evaporation. Good coverage sunglasses goes a long way towards helping maintain good eye health. Read More

Use pre-tax dollars for Lasik in 2012

September 20, 2011 — by Keith Miller
Tags: Lasik Flexible Spending Account

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) provide pre tax dollars for health care costs. Lasik is a qualified expense for these types of accounts and a great way to save on your Lasik surgery. Before you assign money to be put into your account be sure to visit us for a Lasik consultation. Our screening includes a full eye health exam and measurements of the cornea  to ensure you are a good Lasik candidate. With FSA accounts, the full year of funds are available January 1st so you can have this life changing surgery in time for all of your summertime activities. Contact us at 833.4040 to schedule a free Lasik consultation. Read More

The screening is the most important step of the Lasik process. Most people are good candidates for Lasik surgery. However, there are some people who are not well suited for Lasik or other types of refractive surgery. Performing the appropriate tests to ensure you are a good candidate is critical. That is why at Southwest Eye Care and Laser we have invested in the most state of the art technology for mapping and measureing your eyes to make sure you are the best possible candidate. Read More

Time for Back to School eye exams and glasses

August 16, 2011 — by Keith Miller
Tags: Eyeglasses Optical

Learning is one of the most important things we do. If you or your child is not seeing clearly and going back to school, there is an obstacle that can easily be removed. Come see your doctor at Southwest Eye Care to make sure your eyes are seeing their best. In addition to seeing well, we evaluate all areas of the visual system that contributre to reading and learning. We also have one of the best selections of eyeglasses for all ages. Call today to make an appointment! Read More

Want to enjoy some Starbucks goodness on us? If you have had Lasik at Southwest Eye Care and Laser, post your positive experience on our facebook page. If you are a patient and were pleased with the care we provided, post it on our facebook page. If you know one of the doctors or staff and simply want to share with the world how great you think they are then post it on our facebook page. Then, ask your facebook friends to "like" your comment. Whoever has the most "likes" on their post by 12:00 PM Friday, July 22nd wins. Its that simple. The fine print: we will award one winner on Friday, July 22. The $25 gift card will be sent in the mail and you will be sipping or snacking before you know it! If you want to know about future contests (and we will have them!) then like us on our facebook page. To find our facebook page click on the Facebook icon at Read More

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